Chicks on the Job Site

March 15, 2016

Suzanne, Cali and Petunia were permanent fixtures on our ROW project in Hundred, WV. Bright and early in the morning, many times waking up far before we arrived to take advantage of each day, they were frequently around to greet us in the morning. These chicks work harder than anyone and deserve to be there. In fact, we’ve found in most cases when our team works in remote areas that it’s easy to become fast friends with the neighbors. They enjoy the excitement our work brings to their community.

All the guys know these ladies by name and elbow each other to be the first to greet them in the morning. Tipping a hard hat in their direction and bidding them good morning as gentlemen do.

Petunia, now she’s a regal little lady if I ever saw one. Occasionally the guys refer to her as ‘Princess’ Petunia because she struts by with her head held high, very infrequently responds to a polite good morning directed towards her. Always on a mission, rushing to one place or another and apparently too elitist to waste any time hanging with the crew in the morning. A few consider her rude….but some individuals are just preoccupied. I suppose she is one of them.

Cali lives for the mountains and rolling hills of West Virginia. Her adventurous spirit simply cannot wait for the sun to rise over the peak before setting out for a morning trek. She will excitedly greet our crew in the morning and then disappear on an adventure of foraging for the day.

Suzanne is the mother hen and very welcoming of the crew. In fact, on a very regular basis she will join in on our AM Safety Briefing meetings. I believe she likes to be the center of attention. I have no doubt she would take the meeting over and conduct it herself if we would allow her to do so. There are times where she can be a little demanding, occasionally requesting a piece of my breakfast sandwich. But on the flip side, she graciously offers us fresh free-range eggs, which are most delicious.