Equipment Descriptions


Particularly useful for rough terrain, the dozer is used for ROW Restoration and Slope Failure Repairs. The tracks provide excellent ground holding capability and mobility distributing the dozer’s weight. Land clearing, earth moving and all types of pipeline construction, the dozer performs well for M&M Pipeline’s requirements.


Key to M&M Pipeline Services earthwork specialty is the large hydraulic excavators for heavy lifting and excellent digging depth. Used in all service sectors, ROW Restoration, Hill Slip Repair, Road Boring and Levee Repair. The power, speed, and fuel efficiency make the large hydraulic excavators an exceptional choice for our line of business.


We love this machine in our equipment yard! We deploy this work horse every day to load equipment and supplies for our customers. “Wheel loaders make your material handling and loading jobs safer, faster, more precise and profitable.” Caterpillar

Skid Steer Loader

Skid Steer Loaders are handy for compact or hard to reach areas due to their zero-radius turning capabilities. Typically equipped with tracks, our Skid Steer Loaders are found pushing the earth from one location to another carrying material in its bucket or loading materials into a truck. Heavily used on our Fencing projects to transport materials and move the dirt.

Rubber Track Buggy

Industry experts believe this powerful machine is not properly named, we imagine a 5 year old would want such a toy in the bathtub! However, versions of the rubber track buggy have been found on the battlefield as they are versatile, powerful and quiet. The machine is popular in the pipeline construction and restoration industries since it causes less environmental damage than its counterparts. It has low ground pressure, able to work in rough terrain and carry heavy loads. The M&M Pipeline rubber track buggy is found on ROW repair and hill slip restoration projects.

Farm Tractors

Planting seed on the ROW uses the same equipment as found working on farm land. The farm tractor is used to till the ground, plant ROW grass seed and perform other tasks. M&M owns over 40 farm tractors which are deployed on projects throughout the U.S. See our farm tractor at work on this Levee Construction and Repair project.

Round Bale Buster

Typically found on large commercial farms to feed cattle, the Round Bale Buster is an essential machine for M&M ROW Restoration services where large tracks of land require mulching to protect the seedbed and prevent erosion. These machines reduce round bales of hay/straw into mulch, quickly covering  the ROW. See the Bale Buster in action.

Seed Drill

A seed drill is a piece of farm equipment used to plant seeds and cover them with dirt. The seed drill sows the seeds at equal distances, and most importantly, at proper depth. M&M Pipeline’s Chief Agronomist works with the customer to select the correct seed mixture. Used mainly for the ROW Restoration projects, but also used our Levee Construction and Punchlist Correction jobs. Read our blog, Sow and Grow Along the ROW.

Rock Picker

Or stone picker is an attachment to the farm tractor to collect rocks mechanically instead of by hand. Like the Round Bale Buster above, M&M has adapted a machine used in farm applications for Pipeline use.  M&M Pipeline uses the Rock Picker when completing ROW Restoration projects and when finalizing the customer’s post construction punch list.

Spreader Buggies

Another farm tractor attachment adapted for Pipeline use, they are used for spreading lime and fertilizer up to 90 feet in a single pass. M&M Pipeline has over 10 spreaders to accommodate customer ROW Restoration demands.