Exposed Pipelines? Mother Nature Being Herself, Unpredictable

December 8, 2016

Steep slope landslides, hill slips, slope erosion, instability and failure can all lead to exposed pipelines in mountainous terrains. The owners of these pipelines are constantly monitoring the right of ways throughout our country to insure pipeline integrity, obviously no one can predict mother nature’s ways.

Pipeline companies require the expertise of right of way restoration companies which have extensive experience in steep slope stabilization techniques in mountainous terrain. Utilizing winching systems with 1 1/4″ cables safely secures heavy equipment such as excavators and bulldozers on extremely steep slopes. Cheers to the brave men and women who operate this equipment, enjoy our 1 minute video here.

Experts in repairing exposed pipelines is M&M Pipeline Services, our new website has great videos, cool pictures and shows us doing what we love, restoring the pipeline right of way.

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