Our management team is comprised of seasoned pipeline construction experts with over 120 years of combined experience, who have a nationwide track record of successful projects. M&M’s field team consists of multiple crews led by veteran supervisors that can provide everything from over 6,000 feet of Restoration per crew per day to 42″ Road Boring, safely.

Joseph F. Marlar, Jr. – President

Joseph Marlar, Jr. serves as President of M&M Pipelines. Joe joined the company in 2011 as Chief Operating Officer and became President in 2012. His vast experience in the pipeline construction industry from Laborer to  VP of Operations for the largest openshop pipeline contractor in the US provided Joe the experience in every aspect of the business, including business development and corporate strategy. He has been instrumental in fostering key relationships and opportunities paving the way to M&M’s current success.

He is a graduate of Southern Polytechnic with a BS in Civil Engineering Technology and a Mathematics Minor. He is a member of the American Pipeline Contractors Association, Houston Pipeliners Association and the American Society of Civil Engineering.

James Duckworth – Safety Director

As the Safety Administrator at M&M Pipelines, James is dedicated to making the jobsites safe through the oversight and implementation of safety programs. James has worked in the construction industry and for M&M since 2011. James holds multiple Safety Certifications, including the ISN and Veriforce Administrator, DOT Certified Drug Test Collector and DER, OSHA 30 Course and many more.

James maintains compliance with OSHA regulations, performs daily job safety audits as well as CPR training classes. James’ construction experience includes Utility Inspection on ROW Maintenance and as construction superintendent. James understands that strict safety guidelines are essential in a well-managed safety program. James’s goal is to provide a safe work environment for all employees.

Shawn Maddox – Operations Manager

Shawn Maddox is responsible for organizing, planning and managing resources for all M&M Pipeline projects. Shawn oversees the construction schedule, materials coordination, allocation of personnel and equipment, and the project’s budget. He is also the liaison between the customer and the success of the project. With M&M Pipeline since the beginning, Shawn has overseen more than $100 million in revenue.

Shawn’s strongest skill set is his ability to keep the project on schedule through his planning and execution management. In turn, a project on schedule also meets budgetary parameters. Shawn is able to respond quickly to the changing needs of the client, no matter how they alter the size and scope of the project. Shawn has completed all the industry qualification tests and is a member of multiple associations as well as completed the PLH Group Foreman’s Academy.

Kent A. McLain, BRT – Chief Argonomist

Kent is M&M Pipeline’s in-house Agronomist, responsible for advising our clients on each pipeline project, the correct seed mixes for long-term right-of-way restoration solutions. Kent earned an associate of science degree in civil engineering technology and went on to Mississippi State University to study integrated crop management with a focus in agronomy and minor in horticulture.

If you’ve ever worked with M&M Pipeline, you’ve likely worked with Kent as he supports each customer and has been with the company since inception. Not only is Kent active on every pipeline project for M&M Pipeline, he is also a DOT Certified Drug Test Collector, NCCER Craft Instructor and OQ compliant with ISN and Veriforce.

Construction Superintendents

Jimmy Martin
Al McCain
Tracy Steel
Jason Blakeney
Clint Vaughn
Matthew Leggett
Roger Rich

Andy McKay
Charles Jennings
Michael Riddle
Matthew Lee
James Easley
George Alexander

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