M&M Pipeline Services, LLC
 The Industry Leader in ROW Restoration and Revegetation


            “Providing Excellence In Environmental Remediation”

Established in 2001, M&M Pipeline Services, LLC has become the leading environmental restoration company for the Oil and Gas Industry in the Southeastern United States.  M&M Pipeline Services, LLC began as a four man crew with 2 tractors and 2 trucks and has grown to 9 crews of more than 130 field staff, and a fleet of 32 tractors and 37 crew trucks.  Although our growth has exceeded our expectations, we continue to provide our clients with the highest quality environmental protection against erosion.  We believe that our service is unrivaled and our outstanding reputation speaks for itself.
            M&M Pipeline Services, LLC's knowledgeable crews have extensive experience in restoring Right Of Way in all conditions.  We have accomplished individual projects of up to 274 miles of restoration and have provided as many as 9 crews on a single project to accomodate our client's work plan, all while minimizing the industries’ standard for allowable erosion. 
            M&M Pipeline Services, LLC has the necessary equipment to provide eight experienced knowledgeable crews capable of averaging 10,000 linear feet per day per crew. Our supervisors have over 120 years of combined experience throughout a wide variety of  terrain. In addition, we have worked in all phases of cross country oil and gas pipeline construction.
With safety being our top priority, M&M Pipeline Services, LLC has dedicated ourselves to successfully completing all pipeline restoration projects with the best equipment available and promise to provide our customers a professional service beyond expectations.
M&M Pipeline Services, LLC has met all DOT Drug Qualifications by implementing an Anti-Drug Plan and Alcohol Misuse Plan, as required by Title 49 Parts 40 and 199 of the Code of Federal Regulations.  We have always met the safety training requirements of our clients by maintaining a 100% compliance status within Veriforce and NCCER training programs.  We are proud to have maintained a ‘zero’ Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) for the last five years, with ‘zero’ OSHA violations.  In the last three years, our Experienced Modification Rate (EMR) has exceeded industry standards at 0.71 while tripling our total man hours.
M&M Pipeline offers a vast array of services customized to meeting the needs of the pipeline construction industry, including seed & fertilizer consulting, pipeline maintenance support, pipeline yard set up, anomaly excavation, punch list completion, permanent fencing, marker installation and erosion control material applications.




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